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Section(s) PS - Planetary Sciences (Primary)
ST - Solar and Terrestrial Sciences
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Plasma - Surface Interactions with Airless Bodies in the Solar System
Conveners * Dr Jan Deca (University of Colorado Boulder, United States)
Dr Charles Lue (Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden)
Ms Li Hsia Yeo (University of Colorado Boulder, United States)
Session Description
The Solar System contains a wide range of airless bodies, including the Moon, Mercury, asteroids, dormant comets, Kuiper Belt Objects, Phobos and Deimos, and the moons of the outer planets. In-situ observations near the Moon, and remote-sensing measurements of many of these objects, led to the recognition that their surface properties and exosphere are strongly influenced by complex interactions between the dusty regolith, the solar wind plasma and UV radiation, affecting both the upstream and downstream plasma conditions. In this session we invite contributions that will move forward our understanding of fundamental plasma-surface interaction mechanisms with airless bodies in our Solar System. Investigations that explore key challenges by exploiting the synergies between in-situ observations, simulations models and laboratory experiments to characterize the fundamental physical processes determining the global and local near-surface plasma environments are especially welcomed. We encourage in particular graduate students and early-career researchers to contribute their work for an oral or poster presentation.
Moon;Airless bodies;Plasma-surface interactions
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